Empretec - Farming as a Business training

Farmers collecting vegetables
The Farming as a Business training (FaaB) is centered around the idea that when farming is approached as a business, farmers will have a greater opportunity of increasing their profits, household income, and improving their livelihoods.


The FaaB training programme provides farmers with analytical skills and business management tools on a specific agricultural sector- to train them on how to critically examine the costs related to production and marketing and the benefits of making informed business decisions. The approach is aimed at decreasing costs, controlling risks, and increasing profits.

During phase 1 and 2 UNCTAD delivered 3 FaaB trainings of trainers (TOTs) in English, Spanish and French. For this purpose, a manual for the trainers was developed, with the objectives of imparting knowledge, giving guidelines to farmers on a specific agricultural sector, and equipping them with skills to analyse the commercial viability of their products. 

A template manual that can be adapted to other sectors is available here.





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