National Entrepreneurship Strategy - Seychelles

National Entrepreneurship Strategy - Seychelles
The Entrepreneurship Policy Framework and Implementation Guidance aims to support developing country policymakers in the design of initiatives, measures and institutions to promote entrepreneurship. It identifies policy objectives and options in the form of recommended actions, and proposes checklists, case studies and good practices. It also offers a user guide and methods for policy monitoring and evaluation, suggesting a set of indicators to measure progress.

The challenges facing an entrepreneur in Seychelles are many: lack of central access to information on setting up a business; scale of administrative hurdles; limited access to funds; and an inability to scale up the enterprise. These speak to the need for the creation of a strategy with a clear action plan that will serve to strengthen the effectiveness of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Seychelles in the wake of COVID-19.

The development of the National Entrepreneurship Strategy (NES) reinforces the Government’s message that strengthening Seychelles’ entrepreneurship ecosystem is in line with the country’s aspiration of becoming a knowledge-based and innovation-driven economy, and it also recognizes that promoting entrepreneurship needs to be a harmonious and an inclusive process ensuring complementarity in objectives and efforts.

The NES may therefore prove crucial in providing national-level guidance on the kind of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs the Government wants to encourage.