Access to Finance



Activities under cluster 3 include a series of national studies on MSME financing and tailored training activities for policy makers and regulatory authorities such as courses and online tools on accounting for MSMEs (SMEGA) and on environmental and social reporting (GCI).




Team discussion on financial subject


Policy brief: Rethinking MSME Finance in Asia and the Pacific

The policy brief proposes a holistic framework to capture new ways of thinking, post-COVID-19

Rethinking MSME Finance in Asia and the Pacific: A Post-Crisis Policy Agenda

The book takes a broadly chronological approach and each chapter focuses on different stages of the pandemic’s effect on MSME finance in Asia and the Pacific: before, during, after and beyond.

Accounting and Financial Reporting Guidelines for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEGA)

The initiative aims to improve financial literacy in the MSMEs and to facilitate their access to finance and financial inclusion, including to financial aid in the post COVID-19 resurgence.

Guidance on core indicators for entity reporting on contribution towards implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (GCI)

The objective of this Guidance is to provide practical information on how core indicators could be measured in a consistent manner and in alignment with countries' needs on monitoring the attainment of the SDG agenda.