Access to markets


The activities under this cluster aim at enhancing capacities of policy makers and MSMES to facilitate their access to markets, one of the current greatest challenges for MSMEs as there is a decreased demand, damaged supply and disruption of value chains. 

The project is conducting assessments on the impact of COVID-19 on the production and trade activities of MSMEs and the implications on recovery and long-term development prospects.  The assessments are based on a coherent framework that captures the interplay between trade, enterprise development, investment, labor and other policy tools.  They highlights areas for joint cooperation at the regional and global levels and the impact on the achievement of SDGs. 

Other activities include raising awareness at the political and technical levels on the role of competition policy in the Economic recovery of MSMEs by: 1) Highlighting the interphase and positive correlation of implementing effective and timely competition policy measures within and across regions in the wake of Covid 19 and the impact to MSMEs in accessing markets. 2) Promoting regional exposure to the interphase; and 3) Bringing together experts, and inter-state entities on further exploring the positive correlation of competition policy and the recovery of MSMEs in development countries and countries in transition. In addition, the project is also analyzing and collecting good practices on the policies implemented by the Latin American governments to face MSMEs crisis generated by COVID-19.  

African woman smiling on market


Study in Mexico - Competition institutions in Mexico in relation to COVID‐19 and the economic recovery

The study examines the main policy actions implemented by Mexican competition authorities to address the economic crisis brought about by the pandemic and to stimulate economic recovery of SMEs.

Training course: Building Stronger Economies after COVID-19: Standards Implementation for Boosting Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises’ (MSMEs) Resilience

The online self-paced, free of charge, training course illustrates how MSMEs could implement different types of standards with a coherent approach.

Regional capacity building events to raise awareness of the role of competition related policies for access to markets in post COVID-19 resurgence of MSMEs

The Competition and Consumer Protection Policies Branch at UNCTAD in collaboration with the United Nations Regional Economic Commissions, has issued guidance to member States on re-activating their economies.