Access to Technology and Innovation


Activities under cluster 4 aim at supporting Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) to use technology to address the impact of Covid-19 and build resilience to future shocks. The cluster is delivering several needs assessments, and mappings of the existing measures deployed to assist MSMEs, in particular, in the Southern African region; along with an online training course on how to harness technology and innovation to address the impact of Covid-19.


Person creating innovation graphic


Validation meeting for the digital portal on technology and innovation for MSMEs in Southern Africa

A stakeholder meeting was held on 12 July 2021, to present and validate a digital portal on technology and innovation for MSMEs in Southern Africa

Adhoc Expert group meeting to validate studies in Southern Africa

The main objective of the meeting was to provide a platform for experts to deliberate, gather comments, inputs and provide recommendations that will inform two studies being prepared for the Southern Africa Region; as well as, to ensure their relevance to policymakers and other relevant stakeholders in Southern Africa in the context of building back better post-Covid-19.

Online course - The Role of Technology and Innovation for African Businesses in Addressing the Impact of COVID-19

The online course aims at building awareness and capacities of entrepreneurs, businesses and policy makers in Africa on the role that technology and innovation can play in assisting businesses address the impacts of economic shocks such as Covid-19 and build resilience against future shocks.