Enabling entrepreneurship policies and skills facilitation


Based on UNCTAD’s Entrepreneurship Policy Framework, activities under cluster 1 aim at incorporating policy responses for MSME resurgence, including capacity building for policy makers and other stakeholders to enhance policy response, implement standards and to develop longer term strategies of entrepreneurship and MSME promotion. The exchange of best practices is facilitated by the regional networks of policy makers developed by the MSME Resurgence project. They play a key role in enabling capacity building in policy formulation for entrepreneurship and MSME development and in developing and implementing standards and best practices.

In the area of entrepreneurship skills, the project is delivering capacity building activities in collaboration with UNCTAD’s network of Empretec centres and experienced International Master Trainers. Online training platforms and demand-driven, customized tools, including a full online version of the Empretec Training Workshop- are being built. The activities build on more than 30 years of Empretec’s implementation and its impactful results, they aim at quipping entrepreneurs and MSME owners with behavioural based tools  as a way of fostering their motivation to start new ventures, expand their businesses and to better cope with the short-term and medium-term challenges brought by Covid-19. A second capacity building component on the informal cross-border trade is delivered by UNCTAD with focus on the challenges faced by women.

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Women in informal cross-border trade in Kenya: A small-scale trader’s guide to trade rules and procedures

The guide is addressed to informal and small-scale cross border traders from Kenya. It presents key and up-to-date information on existing trade procedures and simplified schemes, documentation requirements, rules of origin, taxes, tariffs while providing an overview of trader’s rights and obligations and the benefits of formalization.

Workshops on cross-border trade and entrepreneurship targeting women in small-scale and informal trade

Under Phase II of the Global Initiative towards post-Covid-19 resurgence of the MSME sector, UNCTAD Trade, Gender and Development Programme delivered four training workshops in Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.  

Adapted Empretec Training Workshop - LLP

This product is an adapted version of the standard Empretec Training workshop. It is targeted at vulnerable groups with low literacy levels.

Empretec - Entrepreneurship Training Workshops (ETW)

ETWs are Empretec’s core product, aiming to foster the motivation and self-confidence of participants who have chosen to start or expand their businesses. It is based on a behavioural approach, designed to develop personal entrepreneurial potential.

Empretec - Farming as a Business training

The Farming as a Business training (FaaB) is centered around the idea that when farming is approached as a business, farmers will have a greater opportunity of increasing their profits, household income, and improving their livelihoods.